The Quietest Hand Dryer “Dyson Airblade V HU02 Hand Dryer”

Dyson Airblade V HU02 Hand Dryer

If you are looking for a hand dryer for those areas (offices, workplaces) where loud noise is a concern and also want one that could provide other features like fast and quick dry time, cost-effective, quieter performance, hygiene, and hassle-free installation.

The Dyson Airblade V HU02 Hand Dryer offers all the basic and advanced features that a hand-dryer user wants. It is the revolutionized unit of the original high performing AB08 and 35% quieter than the original Dyson V. Still, it takes a couple of seconds more than the original Dyson V.

It uses a modified and redesigned digital V4 motor that provides smoother air control inside the device and also reduces the amount of air that is pulled through the unit at any one time for minimizing the loud noise from turbulence. After then the air is pushed through a minimized slot size, which whilst reducing the overall noise and maintains an airflow of 430mph. The noise level is around 79db(A) at am and the sound pressure is about 63dB at 2m in a semi-anechoic chamber. The quality of the sound is just amazing and after experiencing it, it can be said that it is the dryer with the best noise to performance ratio we have used.

The Dyson HU02 is the quietest hand dryer in its class.

If we talk about its energy-efficiency, it uses an advanced motor that improves its overall energy-efficiency. It operates only at just 1KW rated power. However, it is very powerful and has a slimline at just over 10 cm in-depth. It uses a V-shaped airblade for drying both the hands separately in just 12 seconds.

The other key feature of the Dyson HU02 is its easy-mount backplate, you can install the backplate first and then the rest of the parts is connected, which makes it easy to install. The backplate also can be fixed and the renovations work could be completed without having any concern of damaging its main unit and the rest of the works or installation can be fixed afterward. if these hand dryers have any fault, the main unit can easily be detached without the need to remove the whole unit from the electrical supply.

This HU02 hand dryer unit is tested by Dyson on the National Sanitation Foundation’s Protocol P335 (NSF P335) that proves it is one of the quietest and fastest hand dryers in the world which also features HEPA filter technology for adding hygienic properties. Besides these features, it also offers anti-vandal properties which makes it ideal for all types of areas.

So this Dyson Airblade V HU02 hand dryer is the best of high levels of traffic areas like a public toilet, pubs, restaurant, airport, sports stadium, public attraction, and others for (more than 500 users per day).

The HU02 is available in two elegant and attractive color options of Nickel or white, according to your choice, you should go for anyone because both are just amazing.

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