What is the most Hygienic Way to Dry your hands?


There are different ways to dry your hands such as cloth towels, paper towels, and instant hand dryers. But from them, which one is the most hygienic way to dry your hands, it’s a question that needs to be considered?

The hand drying option varies according to the location and uses. if you are at your home, you can simply use an individual cloth towel, only need to wash it regularly. But using cloth towels in public washrooms can be unhygienic and a great reason for cross-contamination and spreading germs. So, Cloth towels should never be used in public washrooms.

Now, we come to the other hand drying options like Paper towels and hand dryers. we can use it in public places, they ensure hygiene and prevent cross-contamination also. But as per your question which is the best, to get this answer, we will take a look one by one on both the paper towels or electric hand dryers.

Which one is more hygienic “Paper Towels” or “Instant Hand Dryers”?

The debate and confusion, over this topic, is not a new one, it has been continuing from years. When you go to search about it, you will get different types of answers in different articles, both the hand dryers owners and paper towel owners want to make money by convincing the users that their product is better than other.  so how you can understand, which one is better. It is not a good thing to misguide the users.

I always prefer to provide the right information in every article, so people can take help from that and can reach the right decision. And my this blog post is also for giving you an overview of the facts of both the hand drying methods so that you choose the best one without any confusion and hesitation.

it is always suggested that paper towels are the most hygienic method for hand drying and using hand dryers for is unhygienic one. if you have used paper towels, you have noticed that you always forget to dry between the fingers and under the nails and throw the paper towels here and there, which could be unhygienic and a cause of cross-contamination, and you can infect yourself from harmful pathogens. When you use paper towels, you will have to take proper care of drying your hands, which is impossible because of your busy schedule and less concentration. So, now this claim of paper towels manufactures has been failed to claim that Paper towels are the most hygienic way to dry hands because they always compare their paper towels to the conventional hand dryers. The new generation of Automatic, touch-free, sensor-based, high speed and fast drying hand dryers have come in the market, that provides a more thorough dry hand features than paper towels. These modern and fast hand dryers use Airblade and brushless motors to provide a fast hand drying experience of only 10 to 12 seconds and they are also environmental friendly. Also, they are automatic, so don’t need to touch which prevents cross-contamination and spreading germs from one to another.

So, according to the above facts, Hand dryers are the most hygienic method to dry your hands. I hope this article will also help you to understand what is best for you.

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