Why You Should Invest in Dyson Hand Dryers?


As you know, there are varieties of hand dryer brands are available all over the UK market. So, why you should invest in Dyson Hand Dryers, is a very good question? Before discussing it, I want to tell you one thing that I don’t suggest you only Dyson Hand Dryers, you can also opt for other hand dryers from different brands. Because there are varieties of hand dryers available in the market, which will give you the desired hand drying result.

Now I come to your question “Why you should invest in Dyson Hand Dryers?” I would like to tell you that there are many things which can convince you to invest in Dyson Hand Dryers.

But the first and foremost thing which comes in mind, when we think of buying or investing in any new products, is the reliability, and  I hope you already know that “The Dyson” is the oldest and the most reliable brand not only in the UK but all over the world. They are known as the best domestic appliances manufacturer, and the hand dryers range from Dyson, are just amazing in performance.

Dyson hand dryers use Airblade technology for providing a fast hand drying operation in just 10 to 12 seconds. So, you don’t have to stand in the bathroom and waiting for your hands to get dry. If you compare it with conventional warm hand dryers or air dryers, you will get that it takes around 25 seconds less time. Conventional hand dryers offer a slow hand drying process because of its slow and outdated motors.

It is also energy-efficient and uses 80 percent less energy than that of the traditional one and saves extra money on your electricity cost. Besides these, they use HEPA Filter Technology and automatic or touchless operation, which ensures proper hygiene and eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses in the air which is used to dry your hands. Hand Dryers ranges from Dyson is certified as the best hygienic one by Independent health specialists.

Dyson hand dryers are the fastest one in the world, if you want to invest in this hand dryer at the place of Paper towels for use in public bathrooms and workplaces, it will be cost-effective for you. At the price of one paper towel, this hand dryer can dry around 22 hands. With saving money, it also reduces the carbon footprint and saves our planet. The hand dryers from Dyson are quiet in operation, so you will not have to face the irritating and uneven noise.

Are Dyson Hand Dryers more Sanitary?

If we talk about the sanitary and hygiene level of Dyson Hand dryers, I want to say that, Yes, of course, Dyson Hand Dryers are more Sanitary. They use HEPA Filter Technology which eliminates 99.9% of the pathogens from the air which is used for hand drying. It is an automatic and touch-free hand dryer, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination and its fast hot air drying formula, dry your hands and kill 100% germs. If we talk about Paper towels for hand drying, they are also hygienic and sanitary but it is always seen that people throw the paper towel here and thereafter using it, which can be a factor of cross-contamination. So, according to the experts and manufacturers, Dyson Hand Dryers are the more Sanitary.

Benefits of Using Dyson Hand Dryers

  • Dyson Airblade is the Fastest hand dryer in the world, and dry your hands in just 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Dyson Airblade is known for innovation and its creative design
  • They are quiet in operation and reduced the noise levels to 80 dBA and 70% quieter than other hand dryers brands.
  • Dyson hand dryers are environment friendly and energy-efficient, only uses 4.4 watts to 6 watts per dry.
  • They are hygienic and approved by NSF. It uses a HEPA filter to eliminate 99.9% of airborne pathogens. Dyson Airblade is also an automatic hand dryer, so it provides hand drying operation without any risk of cross-contamination.
  • It uses a digital brushless motor, which is durable in comparison to the Brush motors hand dryers. You can use Dyson hand dryers for a high traffic location like Restaurants, hotels, airports, Malls, Multiplexes, and more.
  • Dyson Airblade has a vandal-resistant property which makes it ideal for using high-risk areas without any damages and harm.

So, these are some facts that are enough to understand you, why you should invest in Dyson Airblade or hand dryers ranges.

Here is the link to all the Dyson Airblade ranges, you can choose according to your convenience and desires.

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